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    Machinery and Die Designing, Solid modeling w/ Sheet-metal development.

    *ALIBRE Design*

    2D Drafting?and 3D Solid Modeling w/ Sheetmetal Development.


    Machining complexed shapes in Mold and Die applications.
    2 and 3 axis?Machining.


    General and 3D Milling
    2D Drafting and 3D Solids and Surfaces Machining

    *BOBWIRE V23*

    *PEPS 7?Wire-EDM
    2 and 4th axis Programming /?Specific software?for AGIE wire edms /? Programs 3D wire frames and solids models.

    We can open the following files: .dgn / .dwg / .dxf / .iges / .step? and
    Solidworks and Parasolids.


    Our inspection procedures consists of using skilled personnel when checking operators and parts. Toolmakers are held to the highest degree when producing precision and that’s why our Toolmakers are our inspectors. “Attention to detail” is a must.We?use a variety of?methods when inspecting parts and details. CMM’s, Optical Comparators, Jo Blocks, Gage Pins,?Cadillac and air gages.


    JMT is ISO certified through an in-house CMM service company.?Check Techs Inc. is a third party company that?inspects and ceritfies all of JMT’s tooling, stampings and gages. Through CTI, JMT is up to date with?cert’s, software and CMM capabilities?needed to insure quality parts and tooling.